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    Establishment of University of Medicine -  Taunggyi, Interim University Council

    On 1.2.2021, the terrorist army led by Myanmar General Min Aung Hlaing illegally seized power by force of arms. Unable to accept an unjust military coup, the people launched a Spring Revolution to overthrow the military dictatorship. With the nationwide protests, the Civil Disobedience movement (CDM) of civil servants emerged. 

    Civil servants who do not want to serve under the junta are launching a non-violent protest CDM. In the CDM movement, teachers from various universities and doctors are also involved. In addition, students' CDM movement has emerged to boycott military non-formal education, such as student dropout and absenteeism.

    During the revolution, for the students, who boycott  the military non-formal education system, not to lose their right to education and continue their education, Students, CDM teachers and the staff worked together to form an interim university council. With the approval of National Unity Government - the Ministry of Education, the respective universities form interim university councils.

    On 19.5.2021, CDM teachers, Staff and student representatives formed University of Medicine - Taunggyi, Interim University Council with the official recognition of the National Unity Government, the Ministry of Education.


    1. To build a federal education system in the new federal democracy of the future 

    2. To fully exercise the university autonomy 

    3. To act as the temporary governing body of the university during the revolution.


    1. To establish interim education programs for students who boycott the military non-formal education

    2. To identify non-CDM teachers, Staffs and students who work for military junta and take action them

    3. To follow the guidelines of the National Unity Government, Ministry of Education

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